Wellness on the Katschberg


Warm water on your skin and a relaxing sauna infusion at the end of your day on the mountain inspires senses and makes all of your worries melt away. Directly in your private lodge you can find a whirl-bathtub, a steam shower and a sauna to enjoy and relax. With the crackling of the fireplace, your stay in the lodge becomes a SPA stay of a special kind.

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Digital detox, recovery & relaxation in your private lodge

Unwind & revive. Winter on the Katschberg is ideal for a relaxing vacation with digital detox, peace & recreation. Unwind and enjoy the quiet atmosphere between Carinthia and Salzburg. Book a private lodge on the Katschberg and fill up your energy tanks.

Rest, relaxation and detox have a great impact on the health of body and soul. Detox and distance from everyday stress help to recharge your batteries and improve your quality of life. Especially time with your partner at a retreat, the lodge, with lots of private time and rest can do wonders for recovery.

The following approaches can help you with unwinding in the Katschberg Lodge:

  • Mindful exercises & meditation: Train self-awareness and reduce stress, there are a variety of mindful exercises and meditations, that can help you with that.
  • Practice and celebrate being alone: In everyday life you are often not alone: family, children, work - you are required to function. During your time away at the lodge, you can train the ability to be alone and use your time to focus on your personal interests.
  • Digital detox: Enjoy the luxury of being unavailable for once. Distance from your laptop, phone and tablet offers you the rare opportunity to enjoy the silence and relaxing atmosphere away from calls and mails.

The private wellness in the lodge offers further unwinding moments, where you can completely relax and end the day. The whirl-bathtub, Finnish sauna and steam shower warm up every cold winter day and paired with the crackling of the fireplace, your private lodge becomes the perfect oasis of well-being. Send us an inquiry now or book your private lodge and spend relaxing days on the Katschberg in Austria.